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Under 48 Hours in Manchester

This was my first (and brief) visit to Manchester and I was incredibly blessed to have the most beautiful weather that made exploring this sweet, sweet city so much easier. So, yeah, feel free to take a little scroll and see what I got up to. 
Note: be prepared for plenty of French toast pictures...

Food and Drink
One of my favourite things about exploring a new city is finding independent places to eat and drink. I stumbled upon this little gem called Nexus in the Northern Quarter and as you can see, I just couldn't stop taking pictures. The atmosphere was chilled and tranquil which was in gorgeous contrast to the busy streets. I opted for a glass of Spiced Apple Iced Tea and read a few chapters of my book (The Secret History- Donna Tartt). Bliss!

How beautiful is the setting, though? So lush and green. I can only hope that my future garden can resemble this.

I'll confess, I'd actually made a mental list of four places that I wanted to try and go for brunch or just coffee (yeah, attempting to brunch in four different places in less than 48 hours is a little nuts). Takk was on that mental list of mine and I ordered a tasty French toast which I washed down with the spiciest and most fragrant Chai tea I've ever tasted. I'll be honest, I've never tried French Toast made from sourdough bread but I'm definitely a fan. 

Federal Cafe and Bar
Another cafe that was on my mental list, and boy am I glad that I came here for brunch. The place itself is quite small but the decor is effortless and lush (it was packed in there so I got a tad shy and didn't take my camera out. Ha!). Again, I opted for the French Toast and I can officially say that this was the most delicious French toast I have ever had. Ever. The brioche bun was fluffy, the mascarpone emphasised the softness of the texture and the salted caramel sauce really tied in the flavours beautifully. SO tasty! I know what you're thinking and I agree, I feel like I basically went to Manchester to eat French Toast and I'm not even sorry about it. Carbo loaded to the max!

Chapter One
Books AND coffee? Yes please! To be fair, I did guzzle down a Pink Lemonade instead here, but it was so warm. SO warm. My friend actually recommended this place and he joined me for a quick catch up which was lovely. Such an unique coffee shop that allows their customers to browse, read books and even purchase them. That just ticks every single box for me and I wish this place would open their doors here in Cardiff. 

Of course, I can't not talk about the decor. Look at those branches? Oh my word. Just look at them.

If you're from Cardiff, I would probably say that Home is about the equivalent to Chapter. The centre showcases more different (and my preferred) film choices so I know that I would frequent this place if I ever moved to Manchester. If you don't fancy watching a film, you can stop here for food and drink, visit the theatre or take a mooch around their exhibitions. There truly is something for everyone.

Manchester Art Gallery
I stumbled upon Manchester Art Gallery whilst looking for Home, and coincidentally the Vogue 100: A Century of Style exhibition had already been suggested to me by the lovely Sophia Rosemary when I randomly bumped into her earlier the same day. Social media makes the world so small, doesn't it?
The aforementioned exhibition was truly beautiful, celebrating and showcasing 100 years of photography. Sadly, we weren't allowed to take photos but in a strange way, that makes the experience a lot more authentic.

Just a bunch of some photos that I wanted to share with you.

So yeah, that was a pretty brief (but super fun) little trip to Manchester. I've truly fallen in love with the city and already can't wait to go back. I also went to Cow Vintage and Fred Aldous for a little mooch. If they could both branch down to Cardiff soon then that will be much appreciated ;)

Ruth x

Iced Cake Parlour

Having lived in Maesteg for over 10 years, it was safe to say that the town didn't exactly offer it's share of cute little cafes for catch ups with your friends where you could gorge on cake to your hearts content. So you can imagine my delight when I heard about the little gem that is Iced Cake Parlour opening its doors earlier this year. Although I moved to Cardiff three years ago, I'm still the best of friends with the girls I went to school with and we often have our food dates and catch ups whenever we can. They usually venture down to Cardiff because, obviously there's more choices available, but in this instance I absolutely insisted that I come up to Maesteg for a change purely so I could sample Iced Cake Parlour.

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More Outfits from the Past

Shirt- Vintage via Depop// Dungarees- Daisy Street via Asos

Oh so very 70's in a very subtle way. I like!
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Outfits From The Past Few Months

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Disposable Camera

A series of photos taken on a disposal camera during my trip around Aberystwyth and Snowdonia. Hope you've enjoyed.

Ruth x

Neutrals and Stripes

Denim Jacket- Vintage // Shirt- Boohoo // Trousers- And Other Stories // Brooch & Bag- Charity Shop

My friend Ben's the new owner of a fabulously swanky camera, so we ventured out to Roath Park a few weeks ago to test out his new favourite toy. Amidst the array of swan and duck shots, he took these quick snaps of me where I tried to act nonchalant (and failed miserably at that). 

I threw on this outfit primarily because I absolutely love these striped trousers from And Other Stories, but I just don't show them enough love. I committed to lighter, neutral tones when I paired them up with everything else to achieve a more Summery, laid back look. At this point, I should highlight that my feet are no where to be seen because I was in the process of breaking into my new sandals and my feet were pretty much covered in blisters. Lovely, I know! 

Ruth x

Caffi Bodlon

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